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Waterless Company Answers Questions Regarding Soybean Urinals


VISTA, Calif. - Are soybean urinals made out of soybeans?


These and other questions are still being asked by end-customers about Waterless Co LLC soybean urinals introduced about three years ago.


The answer to this question, which is just one of many, is that it is the oil or resin from the soybean that is used, not the actual soybean.


Although many Green advocates encourage the use of soybean resin because it promotes sustainability, numerous end-customer questions and concerns remain.


“We expected this initially,” says Klaus Reichardt, CEO and founder of Waterless Co., LLC.  “But, our distributors tell us many end-customers still have questions.  We hope the following answers help.”


Reichardt says the most common end-customer questions about soybean resin products include the following:


Question: Is the entire urinal made of soybean resin?

Answer: No.  The oil or resin from the soybean amounts to about 30 percent of the ingredients used to manufacture the urinal.


Q: Is soybean resin used in other products?

A: Yes.  It is used to produce toner, ink, copiers, fax machines, candles, construction materials, and even fuel.


Q: Is soybean resin strong and durable?

A: It has proven to be exceptionally strong and durable.  Today, it is even used to make fiberglass for cars and boats.


Q: Is the use of soybean resin new?

A: Far from it.  In the 1930s, Henry Ford used soybean resin to manufacturer car bumpers.  Demonstrating the resin’s strength and flexibility, Ford would hit the bumper with a sledgehammer.  However, researchers really started exploring soybean resin’s potential about 20 years ago.


Q: I know soy is very sustainable, but doesn’t it take a lot of energy to make soybean resin?

A: Surprisingly not.  In fact, it can actually reduce the costs to make some products, resulting in end-customer savings.


“We are also asked if soybean urinals look different than our other no-water systems,” adds Reichardt.  “But, there really is no discernable difference.”





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Klaus Reichardt is founder and CEO of Waterless®, Co., Inc., manufacturer of No-Flush Urinals, Vista, Calif. Reichardt founded the company in 1991 with the goal to establish a new market segment in the plumbing fixture industry with water conservation in mind. Reichardt is a frequent writer and presenter, discussing water conservation issues.  He can be reached at klaus@waterless.com.





About Waterless

Waterless® Co. Inc. has established a reputation as an innovative manufacturer, serving the building, plumbing, and janitorial industry for over 20 years. Based in Vista, Ca, Waterless Co. offers quality, innovation and expertise in water conservation and high efficiency products for building owners with a full line of Waterless No-Flush urinals, cleaning liquids, and cost saving accessories. Visit: www.waterless.com


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