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VideoEdge Network Video Management System Raises the Bar on Quality Video and Ease of Use

Westford, Mass. — March 23, 2015 – American Dynamics, part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco, introduces the latest release of its VideoEdge Network Video Management System with a deep feature set designed for the active surveillance power user unlike any in the industry, particularly in the enterprise space.

Already a powerhouse when it comes to video throughput and network bandwidth management, the latest release of VideoEdge adds a new transcoding engine, which provides 14 video streams per NVR for superior bandwidth utilization as well as CPU resource optimization and memory usage.

This powerful capability allows users to pool NVRs to provide up to 84 dynamic H.264 video streams per NVR cluster without the need for any dedicated transcoding server, something no other NVMS can do. 

“Oftentimes, as new features and functionality are added to a system there’s a gradual disintegration of the easy user experience,” said Steve Carney, senior director, Video and Integrations, Tyco Security Products. “But in this case, I’m pleased to say that VideoEdge offers both — simple installation and configuration and a UI that is incredibly intuitive,all while providing more features than most any other enterprise-grade NVMS.” 

VideoEdge provides enterprise security while empowering users to operate remotely using the powerful IOS mobile app or web client via any HTML 5.0 browser. This is critical for anyone focused on getting real-time information, no matter where they are.

That philosophy of empowerment is bolstered by VideoEdge’s vast library of analytics, the latest of which assess queue length, crowd forming, and color recognition. Queue monitoring can trigger an alarm if too many people are waiting at a checkout register, while the crowd-forming feature can send an alert if a crowd gets too big.

Using the color recognition feature, operators can now narrow down search results from recorded video to find, for example, a vehicle of a specific color or an individual wearing an article of clothing in a specific color.

VideoEdge has been endorsed as FISMA-ready for both commercial and government users, meeting the critical cybersecurity requirements of the Federal Information Security Management Act.

For more information about VideoEdge, visit American Dynamics at americandynamics.net.


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