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Vicom4 Outdoor Introduces Stonox: The Eco-Friendly, Self-Cleaning Façade Paint With A 15 Year Guarantee


Helmond, the Netherlands — Vicom4® Outdoor, has introduced Stonox®: Vicom4® Outdoor’s new high quality, self-cleaning, mineral, outdoor façade paint for application on stone and concrete surfaces with a 15 year guarantee.


Stonox® is a 2 layer ‘liquid stone’ paint system based on the environmentally friendly Photocatalytic effect, which converts harmful nitrates into harmless nitrates such as water and oxygen when exposed to sunlight and therefore cleans the air. These harmless nitrates will be easily washed off by rain or water. The high pH-value of Stonox® prevents that algae, moss, bacteria and grease attach to the surface. Due to these properties, Stonox® cleans itself and lowers the maintenance frequency significantly.


Anthony Degenaar, Managing Director of Vicom4® Outdoor: “Traditional exterior paint adds a thin plastic layer which suffocates the underlying surface. This means that the surface cannot breathe. Moisture stays between the paint and the surface, allowing mould and algae to grow which causes the paint to crack or scale off over time. The chemicals in traditional paints also evaporate fast by UV light which fades the colour. Stonox® has the same structural properties and colour pigments as stone. When applied, Stonox® petrifies and is comparable with liquid stone which means it is strong and colourfast. Although Stonox® petrifies, it is still able to breathe and will not crack or scale off.”


With Stonox®, Vicom4® Outdoor now offers an extremely durable and cost saving solution for the maintenance of for example office buildings, houses, tower flats, shops, hotels and resorts. Degenaar: “Within 15 years, Stonox® saves up to 4 times on the Total Cost of Ownership, leads to a cost reduction of 75% and has a payback time of less than 3 years.”


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