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Do You Know What a Pop Bottle Carpet Is?

Getting Up to Speed on Matting Terminology


Fremont, OH - Matting systems help keep facilities cleaner and healthier, whether they're installed in building entries or installed in scores of other areas.

As with most industries, the professional matting industry has a number of terms that apply specifically mats.


 Crown Mats and Matting, one of the largest matting manufacturers in the U.S., provides the following Matting Glossary, designed to help everyone better understand matting terminology.


    Grit-Safe. Special granule materials help provide extra traction to mats to help prevent slips and falls.
    Non-conductive. A non-conductive mat protects workers from electrical shock when operating high-voltage equipment.
    Pop bottle carpets. Some mats are now manufactured with P.E.T. (polyethylene terephthalate) fiber, which is produced from recycled plastic bottles.
    Nitrile. Nitrile compound is added to the rubber backing on a mat to reduce the absorption of oils. It helps prevent the mat from swelling or becoming slippery.
    Post-consumer/post-industrial waste. Scrap matting materials may be used to manufacturer a new mat or another type of product.
    Resistivity. The measure of how strongly a material opposes the flow of electrical current. High resistivity indicates a material that minimizes an electrical charge.
    PVC. A colorless solid, which when added to matting, helps the mat resist water, alcohol, acids, and alkalis.
    Denier. The measure of a mat's mass density of fibers, comparable to thread count. The higher the denier, the more durable the mat and the more effective it is at capturing soils off of shoe bottoms.
    Wear-bond. A new innovation used in vinyl anti-fatigue matting. Similar to a foam, a wear-bond mat can offer greater durability and be more comfortable for workers who stand for long periods of time.
    Zedlan. A component of some anti-fatigue mats, it is designed to add more "bounce" to the mats.

    "Mat technology has really improved in the last decade," says Dennis Knap, National Manager for Crown. "This makes businesses and institutions more productive, healtier, and safer for workers."


Grit-Safe™ and Zedlan™ are registered trademarks of Crown Mats and Matting.

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