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UtiliVisor Offers Predictive Analysis Energy Advisory Services

NEW YORK, NY – utiliVisor has launched a new predictive analysis energy advisory service that will help building owners and facility managers to more efficiently shape their buying profile for electricity while enabling them to ensure optimal operating efficiency for central energy plants.

“Our new predictive analysis service accurately forecasts building cooling loads and utility meter power consumption/peak demand at hourly, weekly and monthly intervals,” explained Chris Angerame, Director at utiliVisor.  “We reduce the risk of purchasing energy in the 'futures' market through variable pricing contracts, enabling buildings to hedge their energy costs based on solid models of future consumption. By creating a ‘real time’ baseline of existing operations and generating building models for future operations scenarios, utiliVisor's energy engineers will recommend new strategies for optimizing equipment performance and the purchasing of power."

Based on prior performance metrics, utiliVisor’s predictive analysis models forecast the optimal sequence of equipment operation in conjunction with utility rates for chilled water plants, hot water, steam and power generation.  The models are built from actual performance data and do not use “black box” technology with “canned” algorithms.   All data from existing equipment operations and models reside in the cloud.

With predictive analysis modeling, utiliVisor and the building energy team have the ability to input any array of equipment configurations to determine what the plant efficiency will be if changes or enhancements are made to ongoing operations.  The models predict building demand setpoints for such scenarios as forecasted weather and historic energy usage, enabling owners to optimize a plant’s sequence of operations based on anticipated fuel costs for gas, steam and electricity.   


“By working off of real operating data, our models provide accurate and timely forecasts of future energy demands,” Mr. Angerame noted.  “This greatly increases the accuracy of ‘what if’ analyses, resulting in better optimization of plant equipment and greater energy savings.  We are able to provide customers with predicted loads that will help them purchase power at the

lowest possible cost and can demonstrate how employing the utiliVisor system will modify usage and demand to achieve potential load reductions.”

Founded in 1978, utiliVisor offers comprehensive energy monitoring and submetering services, providing accurate, reliable solutions to boost efficiency and lower energy consumption.  The utiliVisor system is a web-based, networked solution, built on open standards, that works in real time to collect and format data, monitor operations and equipment errors, and deliver oversight via web-based alerts and alarms.  UtiliVisor services more than 200 million square feet of commercial and institutional space nationwide and oversees more than 120,000 service data points, more than any other service provider in the United States. It is also the largest submetering company in the tri-state New York metropolitan area and an approved Meter Data Service Provider (MDSP) for the State of New York. (www.utilivisor.com).

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