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Universal Lighting Technologies: Company Reveals Simple App for LED Driver Replacement

Nashville, Tenn. — Nov. 3, 2015 — Universal Lighting Technologies, the industry leader in lighting solutions, has released a driver replacement mobile Web app in conjunction with its current “QuikCross Program.” The Web app is a simple cross-referencing tool to assist finding replacement drivers on the job site.

Universal’s “Industry-to-Universal” Web app offers users an easy-to-use interface that helps technicians quickly locate the correct replacement driver in the field. The app, located at www.unvlt.com, is accessible through any Web-enabled Internet browser and supported on any platform (PC/tablet/phone).

“As the industry is now starting to see field replacements, providing our distribution partners with a simple-to-use tool for identifying the correct replacement driver is a top priority,” said Greg Bennorth, director of product management for EVERLINE LED products. “We want our partners to grow their business, which is why we now offer the QuikCross Program to our distributors. The mobile Web app is part of this distribution channel program and designed to make finding the correct replacement driver less overwhelming.

“Universal’s QuikCross Program is a simple way to identify replacement drivers in the field. First, we individually package the most common drivers. Second, we deliver custom tuning and quick turnaround. Now, with the Web-enabled cross-referencing driver replacement Web app, the once complex process is now streamlined.”

The app asks users to input driver parameters, such as Driver Input Voltage, Rated Driver Output Current (mA), Rated Driver Output Power (Watts), and Dimming Control. The Web app then identifies the top drivers for those specific circumstances.

The EVERLINE TW Driver family features tuning, which means the products have the ability to program the output current at levels lower than their full output rating. Universal has established a family of part numbers for the base models that are factory-tuned across a wide range of currents to provide broad replacement coverage. The suggested replacement part numbers in the QuikCross app identify the tuned levels that are equal or slightly lower than the failed driver in order to provide comparable light levels while not running the LEDs at higher, potentially damaging currents.

“At its core, the Web app serves as a cross-referencing tool that gives installers increased confidence when installing a replacement,” Bennorth said. “These drivers also provide the broadest replacement coverage in the industry.”

For direct personal Universal technical assistance to cross-reference a failing driver, call 1-800-225-5278. A variety of driver replacement resources are available on Universal’s website, www.unvlt.com, including driver replacement FAQs and EVERLINE driver specifications. 

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