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Tyco: New Fire Alarm Speakers Are Individually Addressable

Tyco addressable TrueAlert ES speakers are the fire alarm industry’s first addressable notification appliances with individual on / off audio control. This is the first family of fire alarm system speakers where the user can individually select which appliances broadcast each audio message, according to the company.

The Addressable TrueAlert ES speakers can deliver audio messages to specifically targeted areas within a building. Each audio unit has its own address on the fire alarm system and is supervised by a SIMPLEX ES fire alarm panel. This means the fire alarm panel can be programmed to select which speakers are to be used and what message will be played on them during emergencies.

“The speakers enable users to deliver targeted audio messages, to give the appropriate instruction to the area affected,” says Chris Woodcock, director, marketing communications, Tyco SimplexGrinnell. “We think it’s very helpful in being able to communicate most effectively to protect occupants in a building.”

As part of the TrueAlert ES family of notification appliances, the new speakers provide appliance self-testing capability as well as advanced programming and reporting features. The self-test process takes just seconds to complete, and can be initiated manually or programmed via the fire alarm control panel to run automatically at a convenient time.

You can use the panel to control when that test takes place,” says Woodcock. “It’s really a matter of seconds to conduct the test, then you can pull a report and see what the results were.”

The wiring architecture of SIMPLEX TrueAlert ES speakers is extremely flexible, which can mean easier, more efficient design and faster, more cost-effective installation. TrueAlert ES speakers also provide a high-quality audio output that improves audibility and intelligibility of messages and enables the speakers to be used for standard daily functions like non-emergency paging and background music.

“You have the ability to preprogram messages or deliver live messaging,” says Woodcock.

SIMPLEX TrueAlert ES speakers are available in red, white and black, and wall or ceiling mounted audio only and audio visual models.

For more information, visit https://simplex-fire.com/en/us/Pages/ProductDetail.aspx?productdetail=TrueAlert+ES+Speakers+

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