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Triax Technologies Powers Jobsite with IoT Wearable Technology

Triax Technologies, Inc., a manufacturer of technology for jobsite connectivity and worker safety, announced that Lettire Construction Corp. is the first New York City contractor to implement the Spot-r system at its jobsite. By using 140 Spot-r wearable sensors to connect workers and management onsite, Lettire is able to achieve total digital worksite visibility, improve communication and safety, and reduce time spent tracking down people and information. Spot-r also helps Lettire adhere to city jobsite compliance regulations; streamlines evacuation procedures; and enables proactive risk management.

“We are committed to helping organizations like Lettire further their safety practices, communication, and workplace culture,” says Chad Hollingsworth, CEO with Triax Technologies. “By incorporating Spot-r, Lettire site supervisors and company management – no matter where they are located – can now see where workers are on the jobsite and receive alerts to any safety issues in real-time. This level of visibility and actionable data helps them proactively improve safety, protect their workers, and achieve greater productivity.”

The Spot-r system operates on a closed mesh network that cuts through steel and concrete and automatically clocks workers on the jobsite. It includes low-footprint network hardware that is installed and maintained by Triax technicians; and wearable Spot-r Clip sensors that fasten to workers’ belts. This wearable device identifies slip, trip and fall incidents in real-time to improve response time and allows workers to send and receive safety alerts without leaving their work areas. By keeping management informed through a cloud-based dashboard, this technology creates a connected jobsite and facilitates a proactive safety culture that empowers everyone - from the workers on-site to the CEO in the corporate office.

“The most important thing is the safety of our workers and we are continuously improving our safety practices,” said Nick Lettire, President and CEO, Lettire Construction. “Spot-r is an important addition to our toolset, increasing our ability to be proactive and mitigate risk through data-driven insights. For example, when Spot-r identified that one worker was making a two-foot jump every day, we found out that he was jumping into the excavation pit instead of using the ladder. By changing that behavior, we helped avoid a potential injury – and everything that comes along with that.”

Lettire’s 205,000 square foot, 12-story Acacia Gardens project in New York is representative of the inherently complex construction environment, with hundreds of workers completing various tasks in disparate and sometimes isolated areas. This makes it nearly impossible to know where anyone is at any one time. Spot-r helps to overcome this issue and the challenging physical worksite that makes traditional technology connectivity difficult.

Lettire plans to roll out Spot-r across its other projects.

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