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Travel Green This Summer … Here Are Tips On How To Do It


Bloomington, IN - While more of us are trying to be Green and sustainable at work, school, and home, some of us forget all about it when we go on vacation.


However, being Green and sustainable is becoming a way of life for more and more people. Stephen Ashkin, CEO of Sustainability Dashboard Tools, calls this a “culture of sustainability” and says it is evolving in many parts of the world.


So how can we make our summer vacations Green and sustainable and respect other countries in their attempts at being Green and sustainable as well? Ashkin offers the following tips:


·      Travel agencies: Plan your trip using a Green and sustainable travel agency; many travel agencies offer this service now.

·      Hotels and restaurants: Patronize hotels and restaurant that have instituted Green and sustainable policies; many will mention this in their advertising; if not, just ask.

·      Nature areas: Respect the natural environment. In New Mexico, at the entrance to most trails there are signs that read: “Leave No Trace” or “Leave this trail better than you found it.” That seems to say it all.

·      Financial support: Support local conservation efforts if you are visiting state or national parks or wildlife areas.

·      Transportation: Especially in a foreign country, instead of renting a car, use public transportation; not only does this reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, it’s a way to really get to know the people and the country you are visiting.

·      Local businesses: Purchase items made locally. This supports the community and also reduces the amount of fuel and energy needed to deliver goods from manufacturers to vendors.

What else can you do to be a Green-welcomed traveler?


“Practice fair haggling,” Ashkin advises. “In some countries, visitors are expected to haggle. Just be sure to pay a fair price in order to sustain the local economy.”





About The Sustainablity Dashboard Tool, LLC.

The Sustainability Dashboard is an advance reporting system designed for everyone who is involved in sustainability programs. It is specifically designed to be easy to use, reduce environmental impacts, save money, and create a culture of sustainablity. For more information visit: www.green2sustainable.com.

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