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Top 10 Reasons For Selecting A New Matting System

Hamilton, OH - Many building managers are unaware of just how important high-performance entry mats are to a building's overall health and appearance. To help managers better understand their importance and when new mats should be installed, Crown Mats and Matting (a leading manufacturer of mats) has created the following list of the top 10 reasons for installing a new matting system: 1. No mats are currently installed. While this is increasingly rare, some facilities have no mats installed whatsoever. This can prove to be a serious health and safety risk for any facility. 2. A slip-and-fall accident has occurred. If an accident occurs, the first thing insurance investigators typically look for is the presence of an effective matting system. 3. Soil load issues. If surrounding floor and carpet areas are frequently soiled, it may be due to insufficient matting. The "Rule of 15" dictates that 15 feet of matting should be installed at all key building entries. 4. Soil load increases. An obvious clue that a new or more effective matting system is needed is surrounding floors and carpets requiring more cleaning than usual. 5. The mat's appearance has changed. New mats are needed when old mats looks frayed, are torn, or are thinning. 6. Seasonal changes. New mats are often necessary during seasonal transitions, from summer to fall or fall to winter, for example. 7. A green cleaning program has been implemented. The first step in implementing a green cleaning strategy is often installing matting systems at key entries. 8. Costs. While renting mats may sound cost effective, over time, these costs mount; it is usually more cost effective to purchase a mat instead of renting. 9. Marketing potential. Logo mats offer an excellent marketing opportunity for businesses and can help identify a facility or company. 10. Making a good first impression. Floors are often the first thing visitors see when entering a facility. An effective, high-performance matting system tells visitors their health and safety is a key concern in your facility. ### About Crown Mats and Matting For more than 70 years, Crown Mats and Matting has been a pioneer in the development and manufacture of matting products. Beginning with the invention of walk-off matting by the company's founder, R.P. Johnson, the company now has the most diverse matting product line offered in our industry. Crown sells matting through an extensive network of highly trained sales representatives throughout the United States and worldwide. These sales experts are familiar with the features and benefits of all matting systems and are able to help their clients find the right system for virtually any application.

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