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Super Concentrated Reliance Detergent from Sunburst Chemicals Approved for High Efficiency Washing Machines

Sunburst Chemicals announced that Reliance (2x1 gal. F-Style) laundry detergent is approved for use in High-Efficiency (HE) washing machines. Reliance is a concentrated liquid laundry detergent that is safer and effective for cleaning all types of fabrics. Wetting agents and detergents break down surface tension, penetrating deep into fabrics to remove grease, stains and soils. Reliance’s controlled sudsing is ideal for low water, HE washing machines, cleaning clothing in a single wash and eliminating the need for additional rinse cycles. Reliance is also recognized by the EPA’s Safer Choice program as being an environmentally safer and preferred option.

HE washing machines use significantly less water and energy than traditional top-loading machines. Generally, HE machines accommodate larger loads, spin faster and get clothes cleaner. It is critical to use HE-approved detergents, such as Reliance, because non-HE products produce extra suds. When an HE washing machine detects extra suds it will add rinse cycles to remove them, cancelling out any water, energy and time saving benefits. Reliance is part of making commercial laundries more efficient and environmentally friendlier.


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