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Static Electricity Science Kills Connecticut Germs

Last year, over the course of nine months, Connecticut communities suffered from eight confirmed norovirus outbreaks, which shut down businesses and opened up local investigations.[1] Seeing firsthand the impact these outbreaks have on businesses and community members in addition to knowing that absenteeism and associated productivity loss cost employers an average of $225.8 billion yearly[2], Building One Facility Services, LLC became the first in Connecticut to invest in the Clorox Total 360 System to help their customers fight against infections and protect their bottom lines.

With the Clorox Total 360 System, facilities can add an additional layer of protection against harmful germs and bacteria. The following are facts about norovirus provided by the CDC, an illness that Building One can now further protect against with their recent service addition:

Norovirus is the number one cause of vomiting and diarrhea outbreaks spread by direct contact with an infected person or a contaminated surface

61 percent of outbreaks of diarrhea or vomiting are spread by having direct contact with an infected person or touching a contaminated surface and then touching your mouth

Norovirus is responsible for 19-21 million cases of diarrhea and vomiting illness every year in the U.S.

For Connecticut-specific outbreak information, review weekly Infectious Disease Control reports developed by the CDC

From local businesses to athletic facilities and schools to healthcare facilities, these illnesses have ravaged the country including the Connecticut region – so much so the American Academy of Pediatrics recently released a new clinical report on how to prevent and control outbreaks of infectious diseases in organized sports, emphasizing the importance of athletic programs ensuring regular cleaning of facilities and equipment.

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