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St. Cloud Window Contributes to Acoustic Performance of Concert Halls and Performing Arts Centers

Imagine you are immersed in the exhilaration of a live performance, the sights and sounds dazzle your eyes and ears, you can feel the magic that pervades the concert hall. Think about when the performer stands on stage, living in that moment, feeding off the energy they see and hear in the audience. What you don’t see are the players backstage, or those who are opposite the stage managing those magnificent sound effects, lights and cameras.

Most of us in the audience do not even notice the windows in the rear of the theatre or the people inside of those rooms working their own particular magic. These interior windows contribute a key element to the performance because they permit the production technicians inside the control room to work and interact without interfering with the performance on stage.  

According to Wenger’s Acoustical Problems and Solutions “Acoustic windows can provide effective sound isolation if they are constructed with two isolating panes. It is best if each pane is a different thickness over 1/4” so they do not resonate at the same frequency. Also, separating the panes with an absorptive air space of at least 2" greatly improves the sound isolation. Windows that open should also seal tightly with gaskets. “

St. Cloud Window has had the privilege to contribute to the acoustic performance by providing windows to over thirty concert halls and performing arts centers.

So the next time a legendary composer delivers a masterpiece performance in the concert hall or another Tony Award winning production thrills an appreciative theatre audience, it will be not without another exceptional performance from the interior acoustic windows in the control room!

For complete acoustical window and door specifications and product details visit the Products page and for additional images visit the Product Showcase image gallery at stcloudwindow.com.

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