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Sefaira Expands Product Portfolio to Continue Building Sector Transformation


London and New York City — Jan. 20, 2015 — Sefaira, the leader in software for high-performance building design, announced the general availability of Sefaira Systems, a new product for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) design engineers that allows them to more easily and cost-effectively perform early-stage HVAC system analysis.

With this expanded product portfolio, Sefaira now connects engineers and architects directly on one cloud platform, enabling an unprecedented level of collaboration and improved efficiency that is critical to the design of high-performance buildings.

Sefaira Systems provides real-time analysis of mechanical systems and envelope options using EnergyPlus, the industry-standard building analysis engine developed by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Sefaira Systems enables engineers to work directly with the architects’ CAD/BIM data without having to rebuild the architectural model in a complex engineering tool, a process that typically took several hours, even days. Now, in just minutes, engineers can examine multiple design options and provide high-quality system sizing and peak load information to their clients. The ability to perform this type of analysis, rapidly and on multiple options, enables design teams to ensure maximum building performance while minimizing construction costs.

“Energy consultants can meaningfully differentiate themselves by providing robust feedback to their customers within a short timeframe,” said Sefaira Product Director Andrew Corney. “Until now they’ve often had to try to complete the analysis tasks with overly complex software. Cutting corners by using rules of thumb is increasingly difficult with savvier clients calling for more detail on less familiar solutions. With Sefaira Systems, we are addressing this problem by providing a tool that allows trusted advisers to provide robust early analysis, on time and at low cost.”

Sefaira CEO Mads Jensen said, “The building design industry has often been blamed for being slow to adopt new technology. At Sefaira we believe that this is the result of a lack of intuitive products that can easily be integrated into the very fast-moving and complex building-design process. With our products for architects and now our new tool for engineers, we are addressing this problem by providing software that has been designed by industry practitioners. This enables the fast and intuitive analysis that is needed to create truly high-performing building designs. ”

Founded in 2009, Sefaira is the leader in software for high-performance building design. Using Sefaira, architects and other building designers now have the real-time analysis capabilities that enable them to practice performance-based design. This enables designers to create buildings that have the very best performance characteristics in terms of energy use, daylighting quality, carbon emissions, thermal comfort, construction, and operating costs.


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