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Revolutionary New Battery Powered, Wireless, Video Verified CCTV Solutions


The Quatro SmartTower and SmartQube are specifically designed to provide HD video verified CCTV in locations with no power and no landline communications. Both solutions are battery powered and wireless, making them the most advanced video alarm technology available and a very cost-effective alternative to manned security officers.

The SmartTower is a unique standalone solution that is quick and easy to install. Extending to over 22 feet high and weighing just 120kg/ 264 pounds the SmartTower is designed for even the toughest environments. The top of the SmartTower houses a high-end wireless PTZ camera that gives HD resolution, on-board storage capacity of up to 64GB and which is linked to a state-of-the-art alarm, the Quatro SmartAlarm Gold. On activation, the SmartTower shines a white flood light and sounds a 96dB siren to visually and audibly deter intruders and vandals. As it can be powered by AC power, wind, solar or hydrogen fuel cell, the SmartTower can operate for up to three months continuously without recharging, making it ideal for remote sites.

The SmartQube has similar technology and comes in a lightweight compact format that allows it to be fixed to a pole, scaffold, wall or other upright structure. Like the SmartTower, the SmartQube works in zero light conditions and has an infra-red function, so that it can also be used in covert situations.

The SmartAlarm Silver is the third new addition to the US market. Part of the SmartAlarm family and like the SmartAlarm Gold, the SmartAlarm Silver is a fully self contained, battery powered wireless monitoring system with video verification capabilities. What makes it different is that it is encased in polycarbonate with an optional integral CCTV camera, making it a lightweight and compact remote alarming solution, ideal for a wide variety of situations and at a lower cost than the SmartAlarm Gold.

About Quatro Electronics

Quatro Electronics is known around the world for enabling world-class security for challenging, temporary and difficult environments and has thousands of solutions installed across the UK, the US and Europe.

For the past 17 years, Quatro have been trusted to protect, manage and monitor remote and vulnerable sites offering customers total reassurance and confidence that their valuable assets are safe.

With solutions installed across the UK, the US and Europe, customers rely on our technical innovations to protect their assets, while giving them total control over how they are monitored.

Providing far more than security, our innovative products and expert services allow our customers to protect their remote sites against unauthorised access, theft and vandalism.

For more information go to www.quatroelectronics.com (US) or www.quatroelectronics.co.uk (UK and rest of the world)

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