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Quantech adds microchannel coil corrosion warranty to QTC3 Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller line

Quantech now offers a 66-month warranty at no additional cost on all Quantech QTC3 Air-Cooled Scroll Chillers from 50 to 200 tons when ordered with Environment Guard microchannel coil-corrosion protection.

Environment Guard coatings are sea water acetic acid tested (SWAAT) and bring to microchannel coils a corrosion protection up to twice as long as uncoated heat exchangers. Two types of Environment Guard coil protections are available. Environment Guard Basic is a coil surface treatment recommended for applications within five miles of the seacoast where additional corrosive factors—such as agricultural or industrial corrosives—are not present. It is also suitable for desert environments where corrosive compounds may exist.

Environment Guard Premium employs an epoxy-coating process that doubles the time when corrosion otherwise appears on uncoated coils. The premium coating is suitable for installations exposed to direct salt-water spray contact, as well as within five miles of the seacoast where additional corrosive conditions exist. It is also useful in corrosive agricultural, construction, or industrial environments—or wherever there is prior evidence of severe corrosion.

Environment Guard Premium coil protection is available without any extra lead time on 50- to 200-ton in-stock QTC3 chillers, which normally ship within three to five days. The Environment Guard warranty covers coil failure due to corrosion or workmanship for 66 months from chiller shipment, when selected in accordance with application guidelines.

For more information or to contact a Quantech manufacturer representative, visit http://go.quantech-hvac.com/QTC3PostCoat.

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