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Prolitic Wins Important Technology Patent for its AirQ Scenting Systems

Milwaukee, Wis. — Nov. 24, 2014  — Prolitec, Inc., the global ambient scenting leader, has been granted an important technology patent for its AirQ ambient-scenting systems, the company announced.

The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office awarded the Milwaukee-based company a patent in October for its method of controlling the operation of a diffusion appliance to treat the atmosphere within an enclosed space.

“Patents like this, coupled with additional proprietary technologies and methods we use in providing the AirQ ambient scent service, allow us to offer our clients a truly hi-fidelity scent experience unavailable from any other scent provider,” said Richard Weening, CEO of Prolitec. 

Used in retail stores, hotels, casinos, spas, fitness centers, and other commercial entities in more than 90 countries across the globe, Prolitec’s AirQ systems convert aqueous or non-aqueous liquids into plumes of ultra-fine droplets measuring about 1 micron in diameter. These droplets rapidly transition to a dry vapor uniformly distributed throughout indoor spaces.

AirQ’s on-board computer, which functions independently or in conjunction with a building’s HVAC unit, controls the system and gives users the ability to precisely adjust the intensity and occurrence of the scent effect.

“Even the finest of fragrances are not attractively presented if they are too strong or too weak,” Weening noted. “This type of control system insures an accurate presentation that is faithful to the perfumer’s art.”

Prolitec, based in Milwaukee, develops advanced technologies to improve indoor air quality. Its AirQ service is the world’s leading provider of ambient scenting services to help create healthy and pleasant interior spaces, with over 50,000 installations in North America and 90 countries across the globe. AirQ services are used to enhance customer experience, associate a brand with a scent, promote products, and, where necessary, cancel malodors. 

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