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Product Release: Walter Surface Technologies BIO-RUST

WINDSOR, Conn. – WALTER SURFACE TECHNOLOGIES is pleased to announce the availability of BIO-RUST, a non-corrosive solution that eradicates rust on iron and mild steel. By providing workers with a safe, biodegradable alternative to traditionally hazardous, labor intensive processes, Walter Surface Technologies is delivering on its commitment to “Making Green Work.”


“We are very proud to launch this truly revolutionary product that is a real ‘game changer’ in terms of helping users increase productivity, while reducing costs and environmental impact. Once again, Walter is making a large step forward in helping our customers work more efficiently and safely,” states Timothy Houghton, President and COO of Walter Surface Technologies International.


Developed by Walter’s R&D team, BIO-RUST can be used anywhere rust is present. For example, fabrication shops can use the solution to clean steel prior to painting or coating operations, while maintenance workers in the transportation and military sectors can use the solution to efficiently clean even the most intricate mechanisms – in a way that is safer for the earth, people and parts.


Safe Alternative

BIO-RUST, comprised of a secret formula of selective chelating agents that work to detach iron oxide from steel, is safer for workers and the environment because it does not use highly corrosive and toxic acids. The new product – part of the Walter Surface Technologies portfolio of Bio-Circle Environmental Solutions – is VOC-free (Volatile Organic Compound-free), solvent-free, and phosphate-free.


Workers can safely use BIO-RUST without wearing special clothing and without necessitating to abide by complicated safeguards. The non-flammable solution does not require costly storage or complex disposal procedures.


BIO-RUST does not require control by WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System - Canada's national hazard communication standard), and it is certified NFPA Diamond 0-0-0 (National Fire Protection Association – USA, stating that product is ‘’healthy’’, ‘’non-flammable’’ and ‘’stable’’).


Enhanced Productivity

Traditional rust removal methods are not only hazardous, but can hamper productivity. Sanding, grinding and sand blasting methods are time-consuming and tedious, especially for complicated parts. With BIO-RUST, the worker simply immerses parts in the liquid at room temperature. While the part is soaking, a worker is free to attend to other important tasks. It has a high workload and can remove 1.0 kg (2.2 lbs) of iron oxide per 20L of Bio-Rust liquid. Once the rust is removed, the user rinses parts with water, then immediately applies a corrosion protection product (such as OMNI by Walter Surface Technologies) or a long-term corrosion inhibitor.


Highly acidic rust removal solutions can also damage parts during cleaning. BIO-RUST works just as quickly as these traditional solutions, but only reacts with iron oxide - it zeroes in on the problem - without damaging the parent material, non-ferrous alloys, painted or plastic surfaces.


About WALTER – 60 years of success

Walter Surface Technologies a privately held company with its US headquarters in Windsor, Connecticut has been a leader in surface treatment technologies for 60 years, and has been providing high productivity abrasives, power tools, tooling, chemical tools and environmental solutions for the metal working industry. Founded in Montreal in 1952, the company is now established in 7 countries throughout North America, South America and Europe. For additional information: www.walter.com


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