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Product Release: USE Controller-AC For Chillers

FRESH MEADOWS, N.Y. - US Energy Group announces the launch of USE Controller – AC, providing precise monitoring and ultimate control of steam-driven chiller functions. Utilizing the functionality of US Energy Group’s Building Energy Management System (BEMS) and drawing upon both indoor and outdoor temperatures, the USE Controller - AC controls the central chiller plant increasing efficiency and reducing the fuel needed to provide air conditioning throughout the building. The system provides immediate savings with payback in less than two years.


“For years, we have helped owners and managers save money by heating their buildings more efficiently,” stated Jerry Pindus, CEO of US Energy Group. “Now, we can help them save substantially on their air conditioning costs as well. When owners and managers think of fuel costs, they always think of heating season, but actually cooling a building uses twice the amount of fuel.”


The USE Controller - AC cools the building more efficiently by lowering the building temperature to match a designated set-point (based on algorithms integrating indoor temperature readings and return water temperatures) and maintaining the building at that temperature. While many antiquated air conditioning systems automatically stay on based on a timing device or water circulating temperature, the USE Controller - AC cools the building only when needed and stays off when the temperature inside the building is already cool. The building stays at a comfortable and steady temperature and less fuel is used.  


“USE Controller - AC harnesses advanced technology and fully integrates with the USE Manager online building management system,” stated David Unger, COO of US Energy Group. “It provides all of the monitoring and enhanced control as our heating controls, including specialized alerts for chilled water temperature.”


Central to USE Controller - AC is a network of proprietary algorithms that integrate information from indoor and outdoor sensors, sending a parameter change feedback to the chiller about cooling load. The reaction uses steam, which evaporates lithium bromide and cools the water which acts as a refrigerant, circulating throughout the building and maintaining the designated temperature. Because the system shuts off or generates less cooling when the building is already cool, less steam is used, which means lower fuel costs.


USE Controller - AC is an option available in buildings with a central chiller plant. To use USE Controller - AC, US Energy Group’s BEMS is switched from heating mode to cooling mode.

For more information on USE Controller - AC, visit www.use-group.com. Site surveys, estimates and demonstrations can be scheduled by contacting Tom Scali, Steve Guerrero or Rick Francis at 718- 380-1004 or info@use-group.com. With 30 years in the industry and over 3,500 system installations, the company has earned a reputation for product quality and personalized customer support.

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Founded in 1978 by CEO Jerry Pindus, US Energy Group is a metro-New York based building energy management solutions firm, which develops and integrates energy control, monitoring and analysis hardware and software systems for large residential and commercial properties. With the slogan “Building Efficiency Through Information Management,” the company’s  Building Energy Management System (BEMS) integrates: USE-Manager™ Online Monitoring, heating and cooling system USE-Controllers, and USE-PPM (Premium Portfolio Management Services). US Energy Group’s BEMS controls and monitors energy and fuel use, prevents overheating and provides significant savings, with payback in less than two years. US Energy Group’s Verifier® Digital Fuel Gauge is a patented ultrasonic measurement system which enables building owners and managers to verify the amount of oil they receive, as well as control their inventory and budget. The USE-Controller and USE-Verifier have received the ETL Mark, indicating superior product safety and quality. With US Energy Group’s products and services, building owners save money, conserve energy and enhance tenants’ comfort.

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