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Product Release: Leonard Megatron Control Stations Provide Reliable Solution For Asse 1070 Requirement

CRANSTON, RI:  New Megatron® models 270 and 370 from Leonard Valve provide a reliable solution to comply with ASSE 1070 for advanced lavatory output water temperature control. They specifically address the maximum temperature of tempered water provided to lavatory use in commercial, institutional and industrial applications to 110ºF as called out in the IPC.

With a water-saving, minimum 0.5 GPM flow rate, Megatron models 270 and 370 share the same features as their counterparts in the Megatron line, a complete prepackaged control station designed to regulate and maintain water temperature for hot water systems. All Megatron Complete Water Temperature Control Stations are furnished factory assembled and tested with all inlet, outlet and return piping for fast, quick, easy and money-saving installation.

Megatron Systems solve virtually all problems associated with oversized and improperly piped thermostatic water mixing valves. All system components, including dual valves, outlet test connection, balanced return piping and circulator, are mounted on a galvanized strut. Integral return piping on the Megatron incorporates a circulator, aquastat, check valves, bypass piping and balancing valve to eliminate the possibility of piping installation error. The outlet test connection arrangement, ball valve shutoffs on each mixing valve outlet and on hot and cold supplies, ensures ease of installation and setup.

Megatron Systems also come with a high/low manifold system with large and small Type TM Water Mixing Valves to meet high/low demands for mixed water. Dial thermometers on hot, cold, mixed and return piping lines provide complete system monitoring. Additional features of the Megatron models 270 and 370 include:


    Advanced Paraffin or DURA-trol® solid bimetal thermostatic control
    Adjustable high temperature limit stops set for 120°F
    Mixed water capacity from 0.5 – 190 GPM (1.9 to 719 l/min.)
    All bronze, brass and stainless steel construction
    Automatic extended high/low system thermostat warranty

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