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Product Release: Earthwise Environmental eGuard F

BENSENVILLE, Ill. -– Non-toxic, environmentally-friendly eGuard F (Formate) is the latest sustainable water treatment solution from Earthwise Environmental Inc. This low-viscous, biodegradable glycol alternative is engineered to provide freeze protection in HVAC chilled water systems while reducing corrosion, minimizing pumping requirements, improving water usage, prolonging equipment life and providing energy savings.
Bensenville, Ill.-based Earthwise Environmental provides complete facility water management solutions that preserve natural and economic resources, and is a recognized water management industry leader in Legionnaires’ disease prevention.
“We work behind the scenes with our clients to improve their operations, which is how we developed eGuard F,” says Bob Miller, founder and president. “Chemically-based products that were originally designed to prevent systems from freezing create other problems such as corrosion, equipment wear, higher horsepower and energy requirements, and disposal issues. eGuard F is a better anti-freeze alternative because it alleviates those issues.”
Due to their density and higher viscosities when compared with water, ethylene and propylene glycols have inherentefficiency losses resulting from pumping and heat transfer. Compensating for these losses can require increases in pumping horsepower, piping size and chiller tonnage. The eGuard F offers significant improvements in performance when compared with traditional glycols by providing more effective system management at increased cycles of concentration. This increases a facility’s heat transfer capacity, reduces its horsepower requirements, improves its water use and reduces its environmental impact.
A 1,409,463 sq. ft. state-of-the-art commercial office building in the Midwest recently moved from the ethylene glycol-based antifreeze it was using in its HVAC chilled water system to Earthwise Environmental’s eGuard F. As a result of the switch, the facility is projecting a $36,856 annual savings in chiller and pump energy costs and an ROI of 2.06 years.
With its organic corrosion inhibitors and pH buffering agents, eGuard F retards corrosion cells from forming and is safer to use, less toxic for humans and better for the environment. Because eGuard F contains a potable water fluorescent marking dye, small leaks in a system are easily detected visually or with ultra-violet light.
As companies and their facilities work to achieve a greater level of sustainability while reducing operating costs, Earthwise Environmental continues to invent, test and deliver solutions to meet their total water treatment needs. With Earthwise Environmental, customers can earn LEED points in the water conservation and innovative technology categories.
Earthwise Environmental has more Certified Water Technologists on its team than any other Illinois water treatment company. Its staff has more than 120 years of combined experience, leveraged to design and implement sustainable water and energy management solutions for light industrial and commercial facilities nationwide. Clients include hospitals, airports, processing plants, sports stadiums, data centers and hotels.
Earthwise Environmental follows the chemical industry’s Responsible Care® initiative to ensure its products exceed industry best-practices and are developed, manufactured, distributed, used and disposed of in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. To underscore its commitment to green business practices, Earthwise Environmental will donate 10 percent of its EarthCare line’s profits, including eGuard F, to select environmental organizations.
For more information, call 630-475-3070 or visit Earthwise Environmental online at www.earthwiseenvironmental.com.

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