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Nexlight Announces Website For PerfectSense Building Occupancy Sensors

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.  -- NexLight, the world's leading provider of extreme reliability, relay-panel-based lighting control systems, announces the release of the PerfectSense website www.perfectsense.org.


NexLight's newest PerfectSense product line - Intelligent Building Occupancy Sensors - is now available to every building designer, engineer, electrical contractor, and facility manager in North America. Specifically designed to meet the demands of Title 24 and ASHRAE 90.1 2010, these dual-technology sensors provide energy savings and code compliance for commercial and industrial building markets.


In highest demand, the commercial-grade PIR wall switch occupancy sensor (PS-PWS1277) provides automatic control of loads by detecting motion and ambient light within the designated area. Designed for spaces up to 1,000 square feet, typical applications include private offices, small classrooms, and storage rooms. This line voltage model is available with one or two separate relay circuits for independently switching lighting loads ON or OFF and is intended for quick installation and immediate savings. Capable of both occupancy and vacancy sensing, the PS-PSW1277 allows the facility manager to quickly adjust settings for optimal functionality. 


With a significantly thicker lens, the PS-PWS1277 guarantees unmatched durability while maintaining maximum detection sensitivity. Furthermore, its single-piece construction inhibits unwanted disassembling or dismantling. With the option to disable the manual switch, the PS-PWS1277 is essential for higher security applications. Also, the delay-time adjustment and other advanced features are concealed discreetly behind the button cover.


Learn more about and purchase the PS-PWS1277 and other PerfectSense products online at www.perfectsense.org or through NexLight's local sales representatives. Call (218) 828-3700 to speak with our sales staff.


About NexLight Lighting Controls

NexLight's lighting control systems are hailed as the most reliable digital control systems in the world. Though first introduced to North America in 1985, NexLight purchased the Honeywell Litecom technology in 1998. Throughout the past twenty-seven years, NexLight has sold over 100,000 systems worldwide with installations growing substantially each year. NexLight's headquarters is in Baxter, Minn. Products and services can be purchased through official representative agencies and distribution partners worldwide. To learn more about NexLight product applications, visit www.nexlight.com.

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