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New Gearing Solutions Website Details GHP Gearheads for NEMA Motors from 3/16 to 12 HP

Gearing Solutions® introduces an expanded lineup of GHP Gearheads which produce maximum torque in minimal space with a new, intuitive, user-friendly website at www.GearingSolutions.com. Packed with information on gearheads to fit NEMA motors from 3/16 to 12 HP, and ratios of 3:1 to 125:1, this new site details how proprietary roller gear technology can reduce the size and weight of gearheads and drive trains by up to 50%. Gearing Solutions® products feature high power densities owing to their unique designs and aluminum housings which are lighter than traditional housings. They are ideal for a wide range of applications including industrial conveyors, cranes & hoists, mixers, wind turbines, valve actuators, machine tools, CAT scanners and more.

Gearing Solutions®, the creator of MaxaMin™ Roller Gears, manufactures third-generation Planetary and Cycloidal Roller Gears used in a wide variety of gearheads, speed reducers, and speed increasers producing maximum torque in minimum space. The 3rd generation roller gear matrix ranges from under an inch in diameter to over 48 inches; inputs range from as little as four inch-pounds to 10,500 inch-pounds and up. These gears can be combined to create more than 2,500 ratios. Rounding out the Gearing Solutions® capabilities are an automated drive train engineering program we call D-TAP™, efficient prototyping skills and short run capabilities at competitive prices. Gearing Solutions® products are used in a wide variety of industries and applications including auger drives, industrial mixers, welding robots, portable honing machines, ergonomic valve actuators, drives with counter-rotating double outputs, speed increasers, and more.

For additional information visit www.gearingsolutions.com, e-mail sales@gearingsolutions.com, call (440) 498-9538, or write Gearing Solutions, 5905A Harper Road, Solon, OH 44139.

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