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New "Direct Connect 911 Smoke Detector" Protects Via Cellular Networks

(Fresh Meadows, New York) – It is a proprietary technology that is poised to 

create a new option in the smoke detector industry. The Direct Connect 911 
Smoke Detector from PlugNProtect, LLC is a first of its kind smoke detector 
that communicates over the cellular network in the event of a smoke or fire 
emergency at a home or business. The patent-pending Direct Connect 911 Smoke 
Detector is the only stand-alone, photo-electronic smoke detector on the 
market that will alert central station emergency operators to a fire or 
smoke condition.  Unlike expensive home/business monitoring systems, the 
Direct Connect 911 Smoke Detector system protects for $10 a month and can 
save up to 20% on homeowner insurance.

“Standard smoke detectors can only emit a siren, which may be useless for 
people who sleep through the noise, are not at home, or are trapped inside,” 
says Plug N Protect, LLC President David Topper. “We wanted to harness 
emerging cellular technologies to provide an affordable and reliable safety 
device for millions of homeowners and businesses nationally.”

The Direct Connect 911 Smoke Detector is not connected to the user’s cell 
phone or cell phone plan. The unit simply attaches to a ceiling or wall like 
a typical smoke detector and is ideal for apartments, homes and even small 
businesses. When smoke is detected, the unit’s alarm sounds and 
simultaneously alerts “Central Station”. Local fire/rescue teams are called 
and additional contacts are notified by phone or email. The Direct Connect 
911 Smoke Detector allows people who are present at the time of the fire to 
focus on escaping the building and not having worry about calling 911. It is 
also ideal for helping to save pets that may be home alone at the time of a 
fire. The unit can even indicate the location of the fire within a home or 
building to emergency operators.

To eliminate unnecessary calls to the fire department, a manual shut off 
button is included, alerting the emergency operators of the false alarm. 
Additionally, the user is notified when the two year batteries run low or if 
the unit fails a weekly self check with central station. The Direct Connect 
911 Smoke Detector does not require installation; works right out of the box 
and contains everything you need to be up and running in minutes. The units 
do not rely on the premise’s electricity, internet, phone system or existing 
security network. The Direct Connect units are also portable and can be 
easily relocated at any time.

For more information on the Direct Connect 911 Smoke Detector go to: 

Purchases of the unit and an initial 4 months of monitoring can also be made 
at: www.homedepot.com

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