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New Combustible Concealed Sprinklers Models Announced

Johnson Controls announces advanced listings for its TYCO® Model CC3 combustible concealed space sprinklers, the TY2199 4.2K sprinkler and TY3199 5.6K sprinkler. The 5.6K model now offers greater flexibility, with a new UL Listing for the protection of concealed areas up to 2000 ft2 (186 m2) without the need for a draft curtain. 

In addition, both CC3 models are now UL Listed for use with LFP® Antifreeze within 1000 ft² (93 m²) draft curtain areas. These application-specific sprinklers are used to protect combustible and non-combustible concealed spaces between regular-use floors often containing mechanical equipment in commercial buildings. Since these spaces are concealed with limited or no access, the use of LFP® Antifreeze in the sprinkler system is crucial for preventing frozen pipes in cold conditions.

“In December 2018, we released the industry’s first UL Listed antifreeze solution for wet pipe fire sprinkler systems,” said Robert Cordell, global product manager, Johnson Controls. “The combination of LFP® Antifreeze with TYCO® CC3 sprinklers means we can now offer customers a UL Listed, NFPA compliant sprinkler system that effectively protects interstitial spaces, even when temperatures in that area drop below 40ºF.”

The CC3 sprinklers are capable of 6” to 60” depth protection with industry leading 16’ x 16’ spacing for all depths and construction types. The TY2199 4.2K has a 196 ft² (18.2 m²) maximum coverage area, while the TY3199 5.6K sprinkler offers 256 ft² (23.8 m²) of maximum coverage. Both sprinklers comply with criteria for the protection of combustible concealed spaces as described in NFPA 13.

To learn more about the TYCO® CC3 TY2199 4.2K and TY3199 5.6K combustible concealed space sprinklers,click here. For more information on LFP® Antifreeze, go to www.tyco-fire.com/LFP.

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