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NeoSan Labs Cleaning/Decontamination Products

More than $210 billion is spent on restoration services in the U.S. annually, cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing offices, homes and public places damaged by floods, fires, crime scenes and other catastrophic events. With their extensive experience, restoration professionals are now stepping up to address the coronavirus pandemic as more people see the value of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces and the air.

But most chemicals used by restoration contractors are expensive toxic, damaging to surfaces, and not entirely effective. The restoration industry has a unique opportunity to provide high quality cleaning and decontamination services at a lower cost to a broader range of customers using equipment they already own, by joining forces with the NeoSan Labs family of products.

Formulated and manufactured specifically for big problems and commercial applications, NeoSan Labs 04 Restoration, 02 Air Detox and 03 Carpet Cleaner can mean the difference between life and death. Cost effective and appropriate for daily use, the products are registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (#93672) as an all-in-one antibacterial, cleaner, mildewstat, decontaminant, disinfectant, deodorizer, fungicide, algaecide, and virucide. No complementary products are needed to clean or disinfect and less of each is needed than with other products. No special equipment is needed to apply it, either.

NeoSan Labs products are more than cleaning. They protect lives by exceeding disinfection and decontamination standards, leaving treated areas and surfaces not only cleaner, but less toxic than when they were brand new. Within minutes, biological problems and chemical toxins are disintegrated, leaving no harmful residue behind.

The products can be deployed as liquid, spray, fog, or foam, and decontaminate hard non-porous and porous surfaces, environmental surfaces, materials, equipment and furniture, soil, air, air conditioning and ventilation systems. Their low corrosive qualities will not damage common surfaces, making them versatile in application. 

Used globally for many years within the government sector, NeoSan Labs disinfectants and cleaners have earned a reputation as the “Rolls-Royce” of decontamination. The 04 Restoration has the highest kill rate in the industry at 99.99999% and is effective within minutes to eradicate biological agents including mold and mold spores. It even creates an antimicrobial layer that resists the recurrence of toxic problems. The 02 Air Detox sterilizes and purifies the air and counters airborne chemical toxins and VOCs. The 03 Carpet destroys stains and odors at the molecular level, cleaning, deodorizing, detoxifying, and sterilizing with no chemical residues or previous shampoo byproducts left behind.

All NeoSan Labs products are available through distributors. Please call 877-400-9080 or email contact@neosanlabs.com to find a distributor near you.

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