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Natural Gas Efficiency Has Shown Impressive Advances, The Future Looks Promising

The majority of studies on utility-funded energy efficiency programs focus on electricity; natural gas traditionally receives much less attention. To help rectify this imbalance, today we are releasing a new report, Natural Gas Energy Efficiency: Progress and Opportunities. In this graphics-rich report, we provide a summary of natural gas efficiency efforts and accomplishments and look ahead at efficiency-related opportunities and issues.

Recent progress

Since the early 1970s, we have seen declines in residential natural gas consumption per capita, commercial consumption per employee, and industrial consumption per value of shipments. Many factors have likely contributed to this efficiency progress, such as new technologies, price effects, building codes, appliance and equipment efficiency standards, and utility-funded energy efficiency programs. Our new report discusses each of these, with a particular focus on the latter. For example, in 2015, gas utilities spent about $1.4 billion on energy efficiency programs, with savings from measures installed in 2015 amounting to approximately 0.43 percent of residential and commercial natural gas sales...

To read the report, visit: http://aceee.org/research-report/u1708

To continue reading the blog post, visit: http://aceee.org/blog/2017/07/natural-gas-efficiency-has-shown

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