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Mobile App Allows Teachers to Secure Schools

FrontRow has released a mobile app that lets staff at schools using the Conductor paging, bells, and alerting system activate critical functions like a lockdown, evacuation warnings, all-clear, or other announcements from any Android or Apple mobile device. This can be extremely useful for school administrators who may be moving about campus and can’t always be near a Conductor console.

The application is free to download from the App Store or Google Play. Users can create up to 6 buttons that, when pressed, will activate any trigger script or actions residing in Conductor. No heavy programming is required – the app simply needs the IP address of the server and the name of each script to get up and running in minutes.

The app offers two ways to communicate with the Conductor server to maximize its responsiveness. The first is ideal when users are on campus and their mobile device is on the same wireless LAN as the Conductor server. A geolocation feature prompts the app to reconnect to the Conductor server in the background whenever the device enters range. This can help keep the app ready for fastest response when you’re on campus.

The second method ensures that users can trigger Conductor actions even when off campus or not on the network. Although this method is slower (since the app needs to trigger the Conductor script/action via a the telephone network), it ensures the app can function wherever the user is so long as he or she is within cellular network range.

About the Conductor paging, bell, and emergency response platform
FrontRow’s versatile Conductor platform replaces separate conventional systems with a single communication and control system that makes it possible for schools to do far more than ever before, including managing paging, bells, intercom, and emergency response on a campus. With Conductor, as part of their Emergency Preparedness Plan, schools can activate emergency announcements, display information on digital signage, lock doors, send private alerts, and take other actions to help keep everyone aware and safer.

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