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Lithium-Ion Smart-UPS and Versatility

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has announced two new products – the high strength NetShelter SX3K IT Cabinet with Shock Packaging and lithium-ion Smart-UPS – designed to empower customers as next-generation IT workloads require infrastructure flexibility, durability and resiliency.

Today’s enterprises are becoming increasingly reliant on data produced from IoT-connected technologies, placing more demand on the IT infrastructure supporting this proliferation of data. To keep pace with the demand, many organizations are turning to edge computing – bringing compute power closer to the application to reduce latency and costs. With 45 percent of IoT data expected to be processed at the edge over the next year, these systems need to be highly distributed, easily repeatable and quickly deployed. Schneider Electric’s new NetShelter SX3K IT cabinet and lithium-ion Smart-UPS solutions are engineered to empower customers with the infrastructure and power protection they need to succeed.

“Next-generation IT workloads accelerated by IoT-created data are accelerating the need for distributed IT strategies, such as colocated data centers and edge,” said Russell Senesac, Director of Data Center Strategy, Schneider Electric. “Converged infrastructure has surfaced as a way to simplify these environments, and with the NetShelter SX3K IT Cabinet with shock packaging and Lithium-ion Smart-UPS, backed by EcoStruxure™ to enable autonomous operation, we’re delivering a greater level of flexibility, resiliency, and durability that’s critical in the era of data growth and distributed IT.”

NetShelter SX3K: Heavy-Duty Infrastructure for Heavy-Duty Workloads

Schneider Electric’s new NetShelter SX3K IT cabinet, rated to an industry leading 3500-pound dynamic and 4260-pound static load rating, is specially engineered to handle integrating, shipping and unloading the heaviest of IT loads, including converged, hyperconverged, and data storage solutions. The new assembled cabinet design features many enhancements to stiffen and strengthen the rack during shipment, including additional vertical and horizontal stiffeners with heavier gauge steel. All components are bolted together, rather than welded, as ISTA 3E testing has demonstrated that assembling allows the cabinet to withstand common shipping shocks and vibrations more reliably than a fully-welded design.

To ensure reliable delivery, the NetShelter SX3K also features industry-standard ISTA 3E tested shock packaging, including an impact resistant shell of foam padding and doubled-up cardboard wrap, a separate metal heavy-duty ramp for safe removal and a multi-layered pallet that absorbs impact and vibrations. Heavy-duty casters – swivel at rear and fixed at the front – have been designed to help guide the cabinet down the ramp during removal, as well as steer and move a rack that weighs the equivalent of a full-size car. The NetShelter SX3K has been tested to these load ratings in a variety of heights, widths, depths. Two pre-configured designs are available in 42U or 48U height, 24 inches in width and 48 inches in depth, and are compatible with hundreds of APC accessories. The rack has been designed to seamlessly integrate with Schneider Electric InfraStruxure, a modular, scalable architecture for data centers, unlike other high strength rack options that are often too large, small or create infrastructure challenges with supporting data center infrastructures.

Lithium-ion Smart-UPS: Intelligent and Efficient Network Power Protection

APC’s Smart-UPS, designed to protect critical data and equipment from downtime by supplying clean and reliable network-grade power, is now available with lithium-ion battery technology and a short-depth form factor for simplified integration into existing infrastructure. The latest update to the award-winning solution empowers IT professionals to operate traditional, colocated or edge environments more effectively with double the battery life, higher battery performance at higher temperatures and a decrease in total cost of ownership.

The latest addition to the Smart-UPS portfolio is designed to accommodate greater temperature fluctuation, supporting high performance at ambient temperatures of up to 104°F/40°C, and can generate a decrease in TCO of up to 47 percent over its lifecycle compared to UPSs with lead acid batteries. Smart-UPS’ patented green mode provides extremely high efficiency at low-, medium- and high-load levels, ideal for IT environments with multi-core or virtualized servers that have varying load consumption, which deliver significant savings on typical utility costs.

The new lithium-ion Smart-UPS solution is also equipped to enable remote UPS management across distributed environments and is compatible with a variety of management solutions, including APC PowerChute, SmartConnect and Schneider Electric EcoStruxure IT. An alphanumeric LCD display offers customers an intuitive interface that provides detailed and accurate information with the ability to configure the lithium-ion Smart-UPS solution locally.

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