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Litetronics: U.S. Patent Office Awards Patent for LED Retrofit System


Harvey, Ill. — May 21, 2015 — The U.S. Patent Office has awarded Litetronics International, Inc. a comprehensive patent for its revolutionary retrofit “system, kit and methodology” for converting existing recessed ceiling fixtures to LED.

Litetronics currently offers a series of products suitable for retrofitting a variety of troffers, strip lights and other popular types of interior light fixtures.

In issuing the patent, the U.S. Patent Office acknowledged Litetronics’ proprietary one-piece “rail system” which includes LED lamps, drivers, connecting wire, and rare-earth magnetic holders.  This patented system eliminates the need for multiple-piece components, streamlining the installation process.

Multiple claims in the patent award pertain to the modular “pop in” retrofit design found in all Litetronics 2 by 4, 2 by 2, and 1 by 4 LED Retrofit models. The models permit swift in-ceiling conversions from traditional T12 and T8 fluorescents light systems to state-of-the-art LED systems that prove superior to fluorescents on every crucial application point, with less energy consumption, longer operating life, no color shifting, and negligible maintenance.

The patent further covers the unique method of retrofitting a fluorescent lamp fixture facilitated only by the Litetronics retrofit system and kit. The methodology features the use of rare-earth magnets to attach a retrofit to a troffer, allowing “hands-free” final installation, greatly reducing the time required to convert a fixture from fluorescent to LED.   

To view a video showing how easy it is to install Litetronics patented LED Retrofit, click here.


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