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Litetronics' Next-Generation LED Troffer Retrofits

Litetronics has introduced next-generation LED Troffer Retrofits, which include the new LED Volumetric Retrofit and LED Light Panel Retrofit.  Both can quickly and easily transform fluorescent lighting systems to LED technology in schools, hospitals, office spaces, and other professional settings.  With the features and capabilities of these new products, Litetronics now has one of the widest retrofit product offerings on the market.  

Litetronics’ popular new LED Volumetric Retrofits sport a modern, architectural look and its LED Light Panel Retrofits offer a more traditional appearance, but both are perfect solutions to convert drop/grid ceiling layouts to the benefits of low-glare, uniformly distributed LED light.  The new LED Troffer Retrofits represent easy-to-install, high-quality solutions that can support the needs of any application.

Among their key benefits, Litetronics’ versatile LED Troffer Retrofits provide the utmost in end user convenience and control through their availability in three versions -- Smart, Adjustable Wattage, or Tri-Level Dimming.  Leveraging the power of wireless Bluetooth technology and Litetronics’ new mobile app (LiteSmart), Smart versions enable users to fully customize their lighting to the unique needs of their space and engage powerful and energy-saving options such as dimming, daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing, time scheduling, and scene setting.

Adjustable Wattage versions enhance versatility and minimize distributor stocking requirements by allowing users to choose between numerous wattage settings and lumen output levels to suit application needs or user preferences.  Finally, versions incorporating Tri-Level Dimming enable access to three levels of light output using only the existing line voltage, which is particularly useful in buildings without dedicated dimming lines.

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