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Light Designed to Indicate Restroom Availability

Heads Up Lock Company has designed a more pleasant way to show if the restroom is available from a distance. The new wall light is pleasing to the eye and is an attractive addition to any convenience store or in any facility. The pleasing LED light shines on the wall as an attractive alluvial fan. It consists of a smart deadbolt lock that electronically gives awareness to folks outside if the restroom that is in-use.

If the light is red, the room is occupied. If it is green, the room is available. This patented and affordable device is low maintenance and can be installed by any qualified handyman in all single stall restrooms. 

It is also a strong deterrent to illicit drug use. Strong awareness by others that the restroom is in-use can both deter users from shooting up and make them think twice about going in any public restroom. Especially if they know a conspicuous light is on the outside for all to see. They’ll be more likely to seek another non-public target that brings less attention.


Contact FacilitiesNet Editorial Staff »   posted on: 7/25/2019

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