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Leviton: Serving Up Serious Energy Savings for Restaurants

July 29, 2015 — What uses more of a restaurant’s electricity than cooking, water heating, and ventilation combined? Lighting.

According to a report by E Source, lighting and refrigeration represent the top two energy costs for restaurant facilities, and achieving just a 20 percent reduction in energy costs will translate into an additional 1 percent in profit.

Recommended solutions? Simply turn off lights and equipment when not in use. Automatic sensors, timers, and dimmers can help turn light lights and equipment off. Thermostats adjust HVAC system settings during unoccupied hours. Daylighting controls take advantage of natural lighting and improve the dining environment while reducing energy use.

In the past, daylighting and manual lighting controls were met with mixed success in restaurants due to a lack of employee training and effective utilization. Advancements in lighting controls for the restaurant industry are eliminating the burden of use from the employees with automatic dimming, switching, and scheduling. These conveniences make energy savings easy for restaurants and are now a requirement for building energy codes.

ASHRAE Standard 90.1 2010 and California Title 24 2013 mandate automatic lighting control for most commercial spaces, including restaurants. Leviton offers a wide variety of energy-code-compliant solutions to meet lighting control requirements in these two standards.

Eliminate the burden of use from restaurant employees with easy-to-install controls that adjust and maintain lighting and HVAC with set-and-forget convenience. Leviton makes it easy to design a system to meet any restaurant’s unique needs for automatic shut-off, level control, dimming, advanced daylight zone control, plug load/receptacle control, site lighting and signage control, and demand response capabilities.

Advanced Control with EZ-MAX Plus:

• Delivers compact, easy-to-install energy-code-compliant lighting control.

• Schedules lighting to turn on or off based on operating hours and special events.

Scene Control with Dimensions D4000:

• Allows users to select pre-determine lighting scenes with a single pushbutton.

• Interfaces with other building systems, including HVAC and emergency

To view recommended energy code compliant solutions for restaurant applications, visit www.leviton.com/nationalrestaurant.


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