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LSI Graphic Solutions Receives ISO Re-Certification For 12th Year In A Row

 LSI Graphic Solutions continues its commitment to the highest quality management and customer satisfaction standards within the graphics manufacturing industry by obtaining ISO 9001:2008 recertification for the 12th year in a row.

The annual ISO 9001:2008 recertification audit reviewed processes and functions within the company such as corrective actions, internal audits, preventative actions, training records, human resources, management commitment, maintenance, purchasing, product planning, customer service and more. The final audit report praised LSI’s leadership support:

“LSI continues to operate the QMS system at a ‘Best Practice’ level. Their lack of findings for the full three year cycle demonstrates leadership support for maintaining a solid Quality Management System. Mr. Estep, SVP of Operations of the Houston Facility, encourages full compliance at all levels of this organization and has support and commitment from his entire staff.”

“Better-than-industry-standard quality and process control are two key pillars of LSI’s value proposition,” Jeff Croskey, President of LSI Graphic Solutions commented, “It is an honor to be one of only graphics manufacturers to hold this certification.”

The ISO 9001 sets requirements for quality management systems and is based on the idea of continual improvement, sustainable growth and customer satisfaction. The certification focuses on putting customers first to increase business and working in more efficient ways to increase productivity and efficiency to bring costs down. The ISO Management System has required that many procedures, SOPs and controls have been put in place to assist in the controlled growth of LSI Graphics Solutions.

Over the course of the two day audit, processes and functions spread throughout the organization were reviewed including the company’s lean manufacturing projects, management review processes and tool and calibration records. Over the entire process 0 negative findings were found. The ISO 9001 certification guides organizations towards continual improvement, sustainable growth and customer satisfaction -- goals that LSI Graphic Solutions plans to satisfy for years to come.

For more information visit www.lsi-industries.com


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