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Keeping It Cool At Foxhills Resort In Surrey, England


Surrey, England — Oct. 22, 2014 — The prestigious Foxhills Country Club and Resort based in Surrey is set in 400 acres of countryside and offers guests access to world-class golf courses, a health spa, and three restaurants, among other facilities. The estate prides itself on quality, and has upgraded its kitchens with help from refrigeration and air conditioning specialist Cold Control to improve energy efficiency onsite.

Cold Control has replaced a bank of four walk-in cold rooms to maximize efficiencies: a general purpose chiller, meat chiller, vegetable chiller, and walk-in freezer.

Mark Grant, managing director at Cold Control, said, “We have been maintaining the Foxhills site for a number of years, and were grateful for the chance to upgrade the units in the kitchen in order to remove the existing R22 refrigeration systems, which will be phased out from January 2015.

“Our engineers designed the solution to Foxhills Management’s specification. We installed bespoke PIR (polyisocyanurate) cold rooms with the highest quality refrigeration equipment. Each walk-in cold room was fitted with independent refrigeration systems comprising a low-profile evaporator and fully-housed, high-energy-efficiency condensing units.

"Sliding doors to the front of the walk-in cold rooms were used to maximize the space available and access to the freezer walk-in cold room was made via the meat walk-in cold room. This solution ensured that we were only exposing the freezer walk-in cold room to an ambient air temperature of 2˚C from within the meat walk-in cold room, rather than the ambient temperature of the kitchen, which is in excess of 28 degrees during particularly warm periods, thus significantly minimizing heat loss and increasing efficiency.”

Cold Control’s solution was designed with a 100 percent back-up refrigeration system in the freezer walk-in cold room, which is a critical area. Two refrigeration systems control the air temperature within the freezer area and are sized such that they are capable of cooling the room independently. The systems run on a seven-day cycle with a high temperature override setting to ensure that the area remains at temperature in the event that one system fails.

Ben Biggs, facilities director at Foxhills, said, "It was a pleasure to work with Cold Control; they made the £500,000 renovation of our manor kitchen a seamless project.

“The product itself exceeded our expectations, and was of exceptional quality while being very competitive on price.”

Grant added, “It is important to check that all units are going to be compliant once the legislation is rolled out on Jan. 1, 2015, and R22 is no longer legal.

"We recently presented a program to another Surrey-based hotel to outline the problems with R22, and submitted a report to the management on the potential energy savings it could achieve by switching out units. We are now helping with the first stage of its R22 phase out in the bedrooms, before continuing with the rest of the site.”

Cold Control is based in Hampshire, England. Formed in 1989, it offers solutions for a variety of applications from domestic to corporate office buildings, specializing in large-scale cold rooms or industrial blast chillers.


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