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Intellihot’s Tankless Water Heater Technology Saves Chicago’s 2nd Largest Residential Building 27 Percent on Energy Costs

 Intellihot Green Technologies, the inventors and manufacturers of the first on-demand tankless water heaters for large-scale commercial applications, today announced that 340 on the Park, the second tallest residential building in Chicago, has saved over 27 percent on its energy expenditure after installing Intellihot tankless water heaters in March 2015.

With four iQ1001 Intellihot water heaters installed, the 68-floor, 344-unit property eliminated 2,000 gallons of storage space, all the while continuing to provide the same level of comfort to its residents.

“We have been very pleased with the installation and performance of the system and are proud to be at the forefront of demonstrating an energy-efficiency breakthrough in the building community,” said Amy Eickhoff, building manager for 340 on the Park. “Any building that has a domestic hot water boiler capital project in the future should be considering Intellihot.”

Unlike what is typically lost in traditional storage-based water heating methods, Intellihot’s innovative water heaters save clients an average of 20 to 40 percent on their energy usage per year. The company’s suite of 13 water heaters does not require storage tanks and only heats water on-demand, making them an efficient and sustainable choice for large-scale commercial properties.

“By installing our heaters, our clients are experiencing that less is more,” said Sri Deivasigamani, CEO of Intellihot. “340’s previous water heating system consisted of two enormous commercial tank-type heaters, contributing to 2,000 gallons worth of storage and had a capacity of 2 million British Thermal Units (BTUs) per hour. The heaters we deployed are cascaded together, have zero gallons of storage and are able to provide up to 4 million BTUs per hour, thus becoming a more logical source of energy and heating for the facility.”

To learn more about Intellihot, visit intellihot.com.


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