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Infax's SmartRestrooms

SmartRestrooms are turning washrooms into data-collecting environments using several different technologies to track bathroom usage volume in real-time. This real-time data can assist facilities managers in improving their decisions when it comes to supply procurement and storage which can lead to cost savings and can also make the case for restroom changes to better accommodate guests in a venue. 

Throughput counting allows facilities managers to determine exactly how many guests are going in and out of the restroom while our passive staff monitoring keeps facilities managers in the know when it comes to bathroom maintenance. This feature provides supervisors with the data to help them more efficiently schedule or deploy cleaning personnel while ensuring the washroom experience is optimized for customers at all times. 

SmartRestroom features such as smart locks and lights help improve privacy and safety in a restroom and digital occupancy displays can visually signal to guests which stalls are available for them to use, and if stall are not available, direct them to the next closest washroom. Tablets mounted near restroom exits assist supervisors in collecting the data they need to ensure personnel are performing and that the necessary improvements are being made to better guest experience.

SmartRestroom solutions are customized to fit facility needs and the data they are looking to collect to revolutionize your restrooms, improve operations, maximize efficiency, and enhance guest experience. 

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