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Indect Brings Advanced Parking Guidance Technology To Houston

INDECT USA, the parking industry’s provider of sensor-based parking guidance systems, announced the installation of its UPSOLUT parking guidance systems at River Oaks District, a high-end retail destination in Houston. The parking guidance program involved the installation of parking sensors to monitor more than 1,300 spaces in the shopping center’s five level garage. River Oaks District, which is operated by OliverMcMillan, is a storied Houston retail landmark that dates back to 1930. It is a widely recognized mixed-use development that combines 650,000 square feet of luxury retail, fine-dining restaurants, street-side cafes and entertainment, along with upscale residential units.

“River Oaks District has built a reputation of being committed to delivering the best shopping experience possible,” said Hassan Sulehri, of OliverMcMillan. “We believed it was important to extend that experience for guests as soon as they pull into the parking facility.”

The UPSOLUT parking sensor is anadvanced multi-function ceiling sensor. Each UPSOLUT unit can monitor up to six parking spaces, utilizing state-of- the-art vehicle detection technology. The system at River Oaks District has been customized to include license plate recognition and car locator functionality. The system also includes a “Find Your Car Kiosk” located at the top of the garage’s main entry escalator. Here, shoppers can input their licenseplate number to locate their car if they forget where they parked.

The INDECT sensors are mounted above parking spaces and feature a color-coded system of lights to indicate where parking is available, and what type of parking is permitted in an individual space. Different colors indicate each space’s status: green for available, red for occupied, and blue for HP. Because they are mounted on the parking structure’s ceiling, the high visibility LED lights located on each sensor can easily be seen across parking aisles from several hundred yards away. LED signs located at the end of each driving aisle also indicate how many spaces, and what types of spaces, are available in each parking aisle.

“River Oaks District offers an unmatched shopping and dining experience in Houston,” said Dale Fowler, director of INDECT USA. “This parking guidance program is a natural extension of that commitment to excellence. By guiding shoppers directly to open spaces, and then directing them back to their cars when they are done shopping, this technology eliminates the parking frustrations that are so common at retail centers across the United States.”

By removing the need for drivers to circle driving aisles looking for an open space, the INDECT parking guidance suite improves the parking experience for shoppers. It also enhances safety by helping drivers locate open spaces quickly and minimizing the risk of collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians. The sensors also collect data about lengths of stay, occupancy, and usage, which can be used by shopping center management to further improve the parking experience.

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