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Incenergy First to Offer Thermostat Based Cost of Cooling Reports for Commercial Building Market

Wireless Energy Management System Now Enables Facility Managers to Separate HVAC Cost from Other Energy Use on the Same Meter

Austin, TX- Incenergy has announced availability of a new Cost of Cooling Reports software feature as part of their wireless energy management system.  These reports allow calculation of HVAC specific energy use to a market segment that previously did not have access to this data.

Isolating the energy costs associated with HVAC use has previously presented a problem for commercial building facility managers.  HVAC units often don’t have a dedicated electricity meter, but instead share meters with a wide variety of other devices.  Without the ability to separate the cost of cooling from other parts of their utility bill, most facility managers have been unable to quantify HVAC related energy use and savings.

Barry McConachie, CEO of Incenergy LLC explained, “The inability to break down energy use causes hesitation in many facility managers’ decision making processes.  Our Cost of Cooling Reports add to an entire suite of features that our wireless energy management system provides, giving managers both the tools to reduce their energy use and the visibility they’ve been asking for to make informed decisions.”

View the latest Building Portfolio Energy Management System features at www.incenergy.com/features.

About Incenergy

Incenergy's Building Portfolio Energy Management System is wireless and easy to install, making it affordable for existing low-rise commercial building retrofits.  It controls smart thermostats and lighting, offers electricity submeter monitoring, and produces cost of cooling reports based on thermostats alone, all done remotely through a computer, iPad, or smartphone. Energy savings of 20% or more are typical.

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