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Hospitality Group Discovers Trifecta of Synergistic Communication Solutions and Paves the Way for Other Industries

Recently Two Roads Hospitality, a leading independent lifestyle hotel management company, premiered it’s latest offering in downtown Seattle.  Thompson Seattle is a luxury boutique hotel that opened in the Summer of 2016.  With 158 rooms, 5000 square feet of indoor and outdoor event venues and meeting spaces, plus a rooftop bar and signature restaurant, Thompson Seattle is fast becoming a popular urban landmark.

It takes an entire battalion to keep a high-profile hotel like Thompson running smoothly.  The key is consistent communication between departments and personnel, which is why Thompson’s IT Director, Danny Coker, chose a unique combination of device, app and accessory to get the job done. 

The Two Roads corporate engineering group designated a software application developed by Zello as its preferred solution.  For Coker, using Thompson’s existing Wi-Fi network and Zello to convert iPods into radios with multiple channels was exactly what he was looking for.  But Coker also needed an earpiece that would optimize this system and, after researching various options, he selected Pryme.  Pryme was a Zello certified hardware accessory partner with a line of wireless products made specifically for this application. 

However, Thompson’s needs were unique in that theirs was a hybrid environment, necessitating both wireless and wired accessories in order to support all departments.  Housekeeping, Food/Beverage, and Front Desk must be able to depend on an uninterrupted signal throughout the facility, while it’s more important for the engineering crew to be hands free.  Pryme’s award-winning BTH-300 Bluetooth headset with built-in wireless push-to-talk (PTT) was ideal for Thompson’s engineers.  But, a wired version had not yet been developed, so Pryme worked with Coker to create a heavy duty, hard-wired earpiece called the SPM-1399, which was perfect for Thompson’s purposes.

“There are a lot of vendors out there, but it’s rare to find one that will work side by side with you to develop a custom solution to fit your needs,” said Coker. “Pryme is top notch.”

Coker deployed approximately 100 iPods with Pryme’s wired earpiece and, thus far, the results have been 100% positive.  Meanwhile, Thompson’s engineering staff are very happy with Pryme’s wireless PTT headset. Moreover, the three-part system delivers real-time communications between all departments, while also offering an Emergency All-Call Channel if any hotel-wide issues occur. 

Coker said, “The system enhances hotel security, safety, productivity and service response time.  Plus, Pryme’s earpiece is designed to be so discreet that guests don’t even realize we’re using it.”

Zello’s solution has been very strong in the hospitality industry, but many other fields are realizing the benefits, including transportation, public safety, retail, event management, with more jumping on the bandwagon every day. Beyond the ability to remain connected even in “dead zones,” Zello isn’t restricted by range like 2-way radio networks, and team members can stay in contact from any location in the world.  But oftentimes smart phones, mobile computers, iPods or tablets aren’t audible enough, especially in high-noise environments, so using the right accessory is paramount. 

Coker said, “Pryme accessories enhance the capabilities of an already outstanding app. Their products are a real value add to Zello and work well.  The solution we’ve chosen to deploy could be an asset to any business that relies on effective and reliable communication to succeed.”

The communications solution example that’s been set by Thompson Seattle certainly helps open the door for other service industries.  In fact, it’s not inconceivable that other members of the Two Roads Hospitality portfolio of fine hotel brands may also replicate this trifecta in the near future.

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