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Hand Sanitizer Shipping to New York and New Jersey in 48 Hours or Less

Kai's Organics, a California based company specializing in USDA organic products that stepped up to help with the country wide hand sanitizer shortage, has now found a way to get its desperately needed product shipped directly to the shelter-in-place homes of New Yorkers in 1 to 2 days.

Despite pivoting its production capacity to hand sanitizer just 14 days ago, the company has already shipped to nearly every state in the nation.

"We went from the idea to producing 300 bottles an hour in less than a week," says Operations Director, Tod Stebbins. "In the 14 days since we started shipping, we've shipped hand sanitizer to 43 states across the country to a total of 405 different cities along with England, Japan, Canada and Australia."

However, the company wanted to do more to help the hard-hit city of New York, along with New Jersey and surrounding areas.

"We started getting calls from first responders, law enforcement, individual customers, all begging us to figure out a way to get our products out to the people of New York faster," says Annette Rogers, owner of Kai's Organics. "We were hearing that, despite the urgent need, no one could find hand sanitizer anywhere in the city. I have a family member who works at a New York hospital so I just felt like I had to do something more to help."

The company has now found a way to get its product into the hands of New York residents in 48 hours or less.

"We've partnered up with Capacity LLC, fulfillment specialists who are located just 37 miles from the heart of New York City," says Tod. "Now, when a customer places an order, Capacity LLC will get it shipped out to their shelter in place location using FedEx Smart Post. With Capacity LLC's location and capabilities, customers should be able to receive their hand sanitizer within 1 to 2 days after placing an order."

Kai's Organics is also donating hand sanitizer to food banks, community organizations, at risk children and other worthy causes as well as offering case quantity discounts to businesses looking to protect their employees. The company counts the City of Novato, La Tortilla Factory, PSA Airlines and many other businesses large and small among its corporate clients.

Stebbins notes the extreme supply chain shortages he has been battling, with bottles and alcohol in short supply and many prices going through the roof.

"Shipping costs have doubled in recent weeks and isopropyl alcohol has gone up 600%," says Stebbins. "We just keep on fighting. We just added gallon and half gallon refill sizes to help reduce costs. As demand has gone through the roof it is also enabling us to slowly attain better economies of scale."

While many companies are laying people off or reducing hours, Kai's Organics has maintained its full workforce, added overtime shifts and is even looking to hire additional staff.

"The demand is so great; everyone needs hand sanitizer and no one can get it. Our goal is to get as much out to as many people as we possibly can in order to do our part to help flatten the coronavirus curve," says Annette. "It really keeps us all motivated to keep working around the clock knowing we could literally be saving lives."

You can purchase the company's hand sanitizer for quick shipment to the New York area (or anywhere else) on the company's website (https://kaisorganics.com/products/organic-hand-sanitizer-new-york-quick-ship) or by calling (844) 303-4545.

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