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Hand-Held Drill Press Now Lasts Up To 4 Times Longer

Sebastopol, CA – Improving on an already successful design, GloTech, Inc. of Meridian, Idaho has just released the Strong Arm 5, the portable drill press for use with any hand-held drill. With its new stainless steel swing arm, the Strong Arm 5 now lasts up to four times longer and weighs less than 3.5 lbs. Known for its versatility in many applications, the tool has become safer and easier with improvements that enable greater grip and stability. Offering a 5:1 leverage ratio, the tool also provides improved control over drill backlash with the ability to fit left or right handed users.

The Strong Arm 5 has already significantly improved drilling by hand. As the only portable drill press that can push and pull into drilling material, its 5:1 leverage advantage can be utilized in a variety of applications. Now there are a number of improvements that make a positive impact on durability, stability, safety, versatility and visual appeal.

    •    With its aluminum swing arm replaced by stainless steel, the tool's life span is three to four times longer.
    •    The flat bar has been replaced by a square steel tube bar which eliminates movement.
    •    A steel foot welded to the bar provides better, safer grip.
    •    A newly enhanced drill camp cam lock keeps the drill in place to help control dangerous backlash.
    •    The tool can be adjusted for right- and left-handed users.
    •    The drill press body is sleek, anodized black for a sharper look.

The Strong Arm 5 is an important tool for handymen and professionals to save time, effort and money. It can be used in home, commercial and industrial environments.

Johnny Lee Howie of Metrolina Greenhouses uses four Strong Arm 5s to install or replace casters on over 50,000 carts that carry plants. In his words, "Each of these carts has to have 16 precisely aligned holes to support the casters. Our people can do this job more precisely and with less fatigue using the Strong Arm 5, which increases production over all other methods we’ve tried."

The Strong Arm 5 works with nearly all hand-held drills. It can be adjusted to drill up or down by reversing the track bar, eliminating dangerous drill slag on the face while working from underneath. With its easy set-up, it can reduce drill time by over 65%.

The Strong Arm 5 HD (Heavy Duty), also by GloTech, Inc., is 1.5 times as strong as the Strong Arm 5. This version provides greater stability, a better edge grip and improved resistance to drill bit pressure. It also increases the effectiveness of the drill quality by 55 pounds.

"When I started out with my first auto body shop, I drilled out so many spot welds I could hardly do another," says Mike Glodowski, Founder of GloTech, Inc. "That led me to create the original Strong Arm. Now the Strong Arm 5 has made it amazingly easy and efficient, I could drill holes all day long without breaking a sweat."

The Strong Arm 5 carries a MSRP of $199.95 and the Strong Arm 5 HD has a MSRP of $249.95. They are currently available at WizardDistribution.com and StrongArm5.com. Contact Mike Glodowskiby by email at Mike@StrongArm5.com, or call 208-409-6820 for more information.

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