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HP Unveils Modular Cooling System 100 and 200

Effectively cools high-density, data-center racks to 50kW


Houston — HP has announced the HP Modular Cooling System (HP MCS) 100 and 200, close-coupled cooling systems that can handle rack power and cooling requirements from 5,000 to 50,000 watts (W) without adding to the current heat load on the existing conventional data center cooling system. Using the cooling efficiency of water, HP MCS 100 and 200 can effectively cool fully populated high-density racks—keeping them cool and hot-spot free, reducing the overall heat load on the facility—saving valuable floor space and cooling resources.


Following the front-to-back cooling principle used in most server designs, HP MCS 100 and 200 evenly distribute cold air at the front of the equipment rack. Each server receives an adequate air supply, regardless of its position within the rack or the density of the rack. As the servers expel warm exhaust air out the rear of the rack, the fan modules re-direct the warm air into the heat exchanger module. The air is re-cooled and then re-circulated to the front of the rack. Any condensation that forms is collected in the heat exchanger module and sent through a discharge tube to a condensation tray located in the base of the enclosure. The HP MCS 100 offers 5,000 to 35,000 watts of capacity, and the HP MCS 200 offers 10,000 to 50,000 watts of capacity. Each model is capable of cooling one or two racks.


Water can remove 3,500 times the amount of heat as compared to an equivalent volume of air. HP MCS 100 and 200 take full advantage of the cooling efficiency of water.


Additional HP MCS 100 and 200 benefits include:

    Hot-swappable fans allowing for greater flexibility and easier serviceability.
    Full-featured Environment Manager accessible locally or remotely using a Web browser or smart phone.
    Redundant power automatically detects power failures and switches to alternate source.
    Ability to drain condensation through evacuation pipe.
    Support for third-party, standard-rack servers for full data center coverage.


More information for HP's power and cooling technologies and services is available at www.hp.com/go/mcs


Pricing and availability

Sold through Authorized Dealers, the HP Modular Cooling System 100 and 200 are available now with prices starting at $23,999. Pricing may vary by country or region.


Company Information:

Name: Hewlett Packard

Address: P.O. Box 692000, 20555 State Highway 249

City: Houston

State: TX

ZIP: 77269-2000

Country: USA

Phone: 800-786-7967

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