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FEMA: Summer Lightning-Safety Tips for Facilities


Chicago — June 17, 2016 — Move indoors when thunder roars: Such a simple step could save more than 400 people from getting struck by lightning every year.

In recognition of Lightning Safety Awareness Week, June 19–25, FEMA is encouraging everyone to get storm safety smart by following these tips:

• There is no safe place outdoors when thunderstorms are in the area. Get indoors and avoid contact with corded phones, electrical equipment, plumbing, windows, and doors.

• Water is an excellent conductor of electricity — so get out of and away from water.

• Electricity always seeks the shortest path to its destination. Avoid tall, isolated trees or other tall objects in a lightning storm.

• Wait 30 minutes after the last lightning or thunder before going back outside.

• Anyone struck by lightning will need immediate medical attention. Call 911 and remember: Lightning victims do not carry an electrical charge and are safe to touch.  


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