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Eco Engineering Extends Support for Portman-Shaheen Energy Efficiency Legislation

Eco Engineering, the largest independent design and build engineering firm in the US energy efficient lighting industry, announced today that it is fully supportive of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) directive to support the Portman-Shaheen Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act (ESIC).

ACEEE's senior policy advisor, Lowell Unger, released a statement on February 15, 2017 which advocated support for the bill: 

"If there is anything on which Congress should be able to agree, it is the Portman-Shaheen bill. Senators Rob Portman and Jeanne Shaheen have led the fight for bipartisan, sensible energy efficiency legislation since 2011. Their bill, the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act, would help consumers, workers, businesses, states, the economy, and the environment. It would save energy in homes, commercial and federal buildings, and manufacturing plants."

Tom Kirkpatrick, CEO of Eco Engineering agrees. “The energy efficiency measures described in this bill will reduce energy-related operating costs, lower maintenance expenses, and provide substantial improvement to the energy consumption patterns in the US. Everybody wins. Lower costs, better technology, American jobs and innovation, reduced environmental impacts. We fully support ACEEE in their advocacy efforts and salute Senators Portman and Shaheen for this sensible, non-political, bi-partisan effort.”

Senator Portman is no stranger to the entrepreneurial community in SW Ohio, where Eco Engineering is headquartered. He has consistently been an environmental and energy efficiency advocate, both in the House and now in the Senate. Along with Senator Shaheen from New Hampshire he has put forth this legislation in a truly bi-partisan effort intended to help both American industry and consumers.

“Everyone in SW Ohio knows Rob Portman and what he stands for,” said Kirkpatrick. “It doesn’t matter what party you belong to and what political philosophy you ascribe to. What matters is getting things done that will move our country forward, create jobs, promote energy independence and have a positive impact on our environment. Rob Portman understands that. Senator Shaheen represents one of the most advanced states in the US when it comes to progressive energy policies. Together, they have put forth a piece of legislation void of political rhetoric and divisiveness and directed towards the good of the American economy.”

Eco Engineering’s primary business is providing energy efficient lighting services to both Fortune 1000 firms and large Energy Services Companies (ESCOs). The company has a distinctive profile in that they are an engineering and design firm which comprehensively audits the existing lighting infrastructure of major facilities to optimize the savings potential from upgraded lighting systems, controls and technologies. Eco Engineering also provides turn-key execution services and performs all project implementation; build out of the new design and EPA compliant disposal services. In addition, the firm helps clients qualify for any federal, state or local utility incentives to reduce project expense and boost return-on-investment.

Eco Engineering completed over 500 large projects in 48 states in 2016 involving office buildings, industrial facilities, schools, hospitals, hotels, retail stores, and distribution centers. The combined impact of these projects for customers was a reduction of 100 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year and more than $10 million in annual energy savings. The company has been growing rapidly in recent years, hiring at an accelerated pace, favors veterans and American made lighting and lighting control products, and expects continued double-digit growth as organizations recognize the importance of sustainability while reducing operating expenses.

Eco Engineering has asked all clients, product suppliers, partners and associates across the US to support ACEEE’s directive and the Portman-Shaheen legislation.

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