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Dell Technologies: Cloud Technology will Impact Facility Workplace in 2030

Technology is improving exponentially, and for the first time in modern history, global leaders can’t predict how their industry will fare further down the line. In fact, many senior decision-makers worldwide worry about becoming obsolete in just 3-5 years and don’t know what their industry will look like in just three years.

As a premise for the study, the experts explored how emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, augmented/virtual reality, robotics as well as cloud computing are underpinning change and that technology will reshape how we live, work and learn by the 2030. For instance, the experts forecasted key shifts:

· We’ll have entirely new relationships with machines as humans become increasingly reliant on them as the pace of innovation accelerates

· Technology will work as an extension of people, helping orchestrate, manage and automate lives

· The workplace will become radically more efficient in terms of how it finds talent, manages teams, delivers products and services and enables workers to and steer their careers – work will chase people

· Organizations will lean on people that can exhibit certain attributes and skills to complement machines - workers will respond to this need by learning ‘In-the-moment’, while on the job

· Cloud technologies will be so embedded, memories from the pre-cloud era will feel positively archaic by comparison.

Below is a press release highlighting the report results and you can find the full report here.

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