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Carlon Flex-Plus Electrical Non-Metallic Tubing Saves Time and Costs

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Carlon® Flex-Plus® Electrical Non-Metallic Tubing (ENT) and accessories from Thomas & Betts require less time to install than traditional conduit systems, enabling savings in labor and cost. Available in Carlon Blue™, the non-metallic flexible raceway is designed for use in walls, floor and non-plenum ceilings. Carlon® Flex-Plus® ENT™ is lightweight, flexible (it can be bent by hand) and free of sharp edges, all of which reduce the time required for installation. “Quick Connect” accessories also contribute to reduced installation time.

“Carlon® Flex-Plus® ENT™ enables the installer to use one continuous length from box to box, which eliminates the need for couplings,” said Dave Maccarone, product manager for Thomas & Betts. “Also, since it can be bent by hand, it eliminates the need for benders and separate elbows. Carlon® Flex-Plus® ENT™ is also easier to pull wire through. Field tests show that it takes only a minute and a half to push three no. 12 wires through 40 feet of half-inch ENT with the equivalent of four 90-degree bends.”

Compliant with Article 362 of the National Electrical Code (NEC), Carlon® Flex-Plus® ENT™ is also approved for use in non-load-bearing wall assemblies with one- and two-hour fire-resistive ratings, as well as load-bearing wall assemblies with two-hour fire-resistive ratings. Accessories include adapters, couplings, mud box assemblies, stub downs, and outlet and switch boxes, several of which are exclusive to the Carlon® brand. Carlon® Flex-Plus® ENT™ is available in yellow, for communication circuits and signaling cable; in red, for fire alarm circuits; and blue, for power circuits.

Carlon® Flex-Plus® ENT™ and accessories provide a complete system of flexible, non-metallic corrugated raceway, boxes and accessories that are ideal for concrete-encased applications for routing power and communications cabling in slab walls, non-plenum ceilings and floors.

For more information about Carlon® Flex-Plus® ENT™ and accessories, visit www.tnb.com or call (800) 816-7809.

Thomas & Betts Corporation (NYSE: TNB) is a global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of essential components used to manage the connection, distribution, transmission and reliability of electrical power in industrial, construction and utility applications. With a portfolio of more than 200,000 products marketed under more than 45 premium brand names, Thomas & Betts products are found wherever electricity is used. With headquarters in Memphis, Tenn., Thomas & Betts reported revenues of $2 billion and had approximately 8,750 employees in 2010. For more information, please visit www.tnb.com.


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