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Building Management Platform Targets Improved Productivity

Reliable Controls is pleased to announce the release of RC-WebView 3.12. RC-WebView is an easy to use, browser-based building management solution that allows operators and administrators to efficiently manage any BACnet, internet-connected building. RC-WebView combines the power of enterprise tools with a simple interface that connects multiple, independent control systems into a single enterprise website. Accessed by a secure Single Sign-On (SSO), RC-WebView empowers operators to have scalable visibility and control at a glance.

The latest version of RC-WebView introduces a number of new features that will help save time and improve productivity. New features include:

Sequence of Operation Programming
Users can now program sequence of operations through this centralized web interface. This is the first version of RC-WebView that includes the capability to program sequences of operations. The program editor makes it easy to write, edit, and trouble-shoot programs.

User Roles
Administrators will enjoy RC-WebView’s increased efficiency managing large sets of users. Instead of assigning permissions on a user-by-user basis, administrators can now assign a package of permissions to multiple users at the same time under a role name.

Panel File Backup and Restore
This new feature allows users to back up and restore any BACnet device configured in RC-WebView, with the added ability to schedule automatic network backups. This centralized interface ensures that a valid copy of backup files exist in case of emergency.

Create Alarm Email Recipients
This new release of RC-WebView allows users to create alarm email recipients for an entire enterprise website using the Alarm Email Distribution worksheet. This provides the ability to create and define groups of recipients instead of sending individual emails, and offers an easy way to set up alarm email notifications across multiple systems and devices for all users.

With a focus on enterprise scalability, RC-WebView users can continue to enjoy the convenience of using a standard browser to access building controls 24/7 and can configure a complete range of schedules, from facility-wide events to individual pieces of equipment, to after-hours usage tracking.

RC-WebView boasts secure user configuration, where operators can set up multiple users on Active Directory to simultaneously access and view graphics, trend and runtime data, and if permitted, change setpoints, edit schedules, and acknowledge alarms. All logins and changes are automatically recorded using the Audit Trail feature that ships standard with RC-WebView.

Designed to take full advantage of the latest web technologies and mobile platforms, RC-WebView provides an enduring BACnet Operator Workstation solution for both single-building managers and senior managers of campuses and nation-wide portfolios – and everyone in between.

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