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Bluetooth Smart-Meters Aim to Boost Productivity

Digi-Sense products, used by professionals worldwide when accuracy is important, boasts five new meters with expanded smart technology. The new Digi-Sense Family of Smart Meters with Bluetooth Connectivity includes an infrared thermometer, particle counter, two digital multimeters and a clamp meter, each with a free downloadable app. When used with a Bluetooth-enabled device, workers can test equipment from a safe distance and then access real-time data for monitoring, reporting and analysis. These meters are ideal for those working in hazardous environments, hard-to-access areas, industries with regulations, and anyone wanting the latest technology at a marketing-leading price point.

Using the smart meters with the app makes testing easier, safer and faster than traditional methods. All data is transmitted directly from the meter to an Android or iOS mobile device via the apps. Users can review, evaluate, modify, and share data with colleagues. All readings are automatically stored in the app and can be saved as a CVS file and emailed to a computer for future to determine trends and conditions of equipment performance over long periods of time. Data storage is virtually unlimited. Photos taken of equipment or the environment being tested can be attached to the data report for additional detail and to eliminate confusion.

Five different products have been selected for the Digi-Sense Smart Family to meet a wide variety of applications:

  • Digi-Sense Professional 50:1 Dual-Laser Infrared Thermometer with Bluetooth® offers dual-targeting lasers for precise indication of the measurement area. It is ideal for a wide range of applications including food, safety, HVAC, and preventive maintenance. This meter is precalibrated to NIST-traceable standards for out-of-the-box convenience and reliability.

  • Digi-Sense Mini Particle Counter with Bluetooth is a handheld particle counter that provides readings for particle counter and particle mass concentration with air temperature and relative humidity measurements. Ideal for environmental applications.

  • Three Digi-Sense Electrical Meters with Bluetooth includes two digital multimeters and a clamp meter. Workers can deenergize the meters, step away and then reenergize at a safe distance. All are precalibrated to NIST-traceable standards. The three meters are: 
  • Digi-Sense Digital Multimeter with Thermal Imager and Bluetooth® is powered by a microcamera thermal core, that features a built-in screen to show heat caused by electrical faults, allowing professionals to take safe measurements from a distance plus basic multimeter functionality. It has an IP65 rating.