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AtlasIED Speaker Cover

AtlasIED, a global electronics manufacturer, introduces a new accessory designed to minimize the spread of dust and other particles that can pass into the air through speaker grilles.  Available as a separate cover (SHS-CVR) or included with AtlasIED’s SHS strategically hidden speaker (SHS-6T2CVR), the durable rubber cover offers a simple, affordable solution for any environment where clean air quality is of paramount importance, such as dust-sensitive manufacturing and testing facilities with “cleanroom type” requirements. The covered SHS speaker can be calibrated so that announcements and paging maintain a high level of clarity and coverage.

The SHS-CVR cleanroom speaker cover installs easily over the opening of the SHS strategically hidden speaker to create a barrier between the building plenum, where particles exist, and the room environment. The SHS-CVR can be ordered as a separate accessory or included with the SHS-6T2 strategically hidden speaker as a kit (SHS-6T2CVR). 


Contact FacilitiesNet Editorial Staff »   posted on: 6/8/2020

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